The Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show is proud to have Stephan Yerkey perform on our first show. He is an alternative country singer-songwriter currently living and performing in Sacramento, California and surrounding area; he developed a following while based in San Francisco during the early part of his career.


Yerkey was the frontman of the band Nonfiction, 1977-1987, which released one eponymous album on Demon Records. In 1990, he contributed the song "The Final Word" to Acoustic Music Project, an AIDS benefit album on Alias Records. His solo debut album, Confidence, Man, was released in 1995 on Heyday Records and was produced by, among others, Pere Ubu's Eric Drew Feldman. Yerkey's recording of the Ted Hawkins song "Stay Close to Me" from Confidence, Man was featured in the soundtrack of the 1997 movie "Lewis & Clark & George." His next album, Up From Mo's, was independently released in 2002. His most recent album, Metaneonatureboy was released in 2006 on Echo Records and, like Confidence Man, was produced by Eric Drew Feldman. Metaneonatureboy included the song "Translated from Love", which Kelly Willis later covered on her album of the same name. In 2016, with Yerkey again at the helm, Nonfiction reunited for a single performance at The Hotel Utah in San Francisco.



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